What to read next…

So, maybe you read one of my blog posts and want to find out some more… Here are some suggestions about what you could read next.

For a birds-eye view of the whole area of physics where quantum mechanics and technology intersect, you can try these ramblings on why condensed matter physics is so hard.

If you’re interested in the more technological end of things, then this post about how a hard disk depends on the spins of electrons, or this one about how a transistor works might be worth reading.

What about the future of computing? Here is a post about one idea of how a revolution in computing might allow even smaller, faster, cooler computers to be built in the future.

Have you heard about quantum computing and want to know more? This post talks about some of the things that it might be able to do much better than current computing.

On the slightly more physics-y end of things, I wrote this explainer about how superconductivity works, and what we still don’t understand about it. Why do some materials conduct electricity better than others and how can we map out the quantum states in an experiment? Finally, here is a post about what graphene is.

Perhaps you’ve heard that in quantum mechanics, light, electrons, and everything else are both particles and waves at the same time? This post is about all of that.

I’ve sometimes written about more technical things as well. This post is about the concept of topology, and how that relates to the Nobel Prize of 2016.

Lastly, the world of academia can be a strange place. It has conventions and norms that aren’t always like the Real World™. Occasionally, I’ll write about that. So, if you’ve ever wondered what peer review is, then here is a primer.